The Flower

Hello, everyone, my name is Daisy the flower. Today I will be talking to you about why is this story called the flower, the reason why this is The Flower is that I am the flower, I’m the one you are about to hear throughout the whole story. Okay, so, one day I was sittingContinue reading “The Flower”

Jacob The Bear

One night,a night for scary things, creatures to appear. Jacob was walking home to his parents, with some berries for the pie they are making for dinner. He came home and gave his mom the berries, after a couple of hours the pie was done. The three bears ate their blueberry pie; then after theyContinue reading “Jacob The Bear”

My Alien Friends

Hello everyone how are you today? My name is Sammy alien with my two brothers and sister, their names are Caren(Sister) George(brother) and Rupert(brother) and we all are from Area 51. If you heard about the story The Boy Who Turned Into An Alien, that’s us my brother George turned the boy into an alien.Continue reading “My Alien Friends”

The Magical Candyland

The magical Candyland is a beautiful land wheres its candy and sweets for everyone to enjoy. All the sweets, goodies, sugar, etc; all there for you. The kids came to enjoy all the tasty sweets , everyone loved candyland because they can eat all the candy, cookies, ice cream, and other delicous things they wantContinue reading “The Magical Candyland”


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